Atrocity (“Todessehnsucht”-era), Pestilence, Asphyx, Immolation… and Mercyless!

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What do you do when it’s 1992 and your first album had such an impact as the cult “Abject Offerings” and you got offers by the likes of NUCLEAR BLAST, ROADRUNNER, METAL BLADE and so on? You choose the easy way and follow the trend, sign to one of these established labels and go at MORRISOUND, SUNLIGHT or UNISOUND studio to record “Abject Offerings, pt.2“? MERCYLESS don’t.

Instead, they chose to sign with a young and hungry label, CENTURY MEDIA, go to a nearby studio (T&T) where only a handful of bands recorded yet (MASSACRA, SAMAEL…), go for a yet-to-become-superstar producer you know for his talent (Colin RICHARDSON, already behind “Abject Offerings“) and you record your most brutal album, with more progressive elements and way heavier parts, with a strange mystic title and an even more enigmatic artwork. That’s how you become a legendary band.

Coloured Funeral” is that second full-length and it’s been unavailable since decades, even though quickly followed bu many European tours with the likes of DEATH, GRAVE, UNLEASHED, TIAMAT, etc. CENTURY MEDIA never repressed it, nor did they released on vinyl but that time is now over since XENOKORP teamed with them to release an over-the-top quality reissue both on DigiPak CD and Gatefold vinyl, both remastered for their specific formats and both for the first time ever, eventually topping it all with the first ever “album artwork” line of merch!

Glory and Praise to You, AGRAZABETH, in the Depths of Hell !

• 1000 copies limited edition double DigiPak CD
• 200 copies limited edition beige / black marbled gatefold 12″ LP
• 300 copies limited edition black gatefold 12″ LP

• 2016 “Pathetic Divinity”
• 2013 “Unholy Black Splendor”
• 2000 “Sure to Be Pure”
• 1996 “C.O.L.D.”
• 1993 “Coloured Funeral”
• 1992 “Abject Offerings”

>> LINE UP(1993)
• Max Otero – Guitars & Vocals
• Stéphane Viard – Guitars
• Rade Radojcic – Bass [RIP 2015] • Gérald Guenzi – Drums

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• AVULSED / MERCYLESS “split” 7″ & Digital
• DEFEATED SANITY “Prelude to the Tragedy” remastered reissue LP
• PUTRID OFFAL “Anatomy” CD & Digital
• SAVAGE ANNIHILATION “Quand s’abaisse la croix du blasphème” CD, LP & Digital