Guitarists David Andersson and Sebastian Forsland of Swedish classic/progressive rock supergroup THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA have recorded a rehearsal room video of them improvising a new track called ‘Race Towards Bremen On A Floridian Highway’.

Commented Andersson: “Me and Sebastian had planned to meet in his studio to do a play through of one our new songs for my endorser, ESP guitars. But when we got there it felt quite boring to just mime along to a pre-recorded track, pretending to be excited about it. And it doesn’t really represent the spirit of THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA. So, knowing that Sebastian is a one man band all in himself, we thought it would be much more fun to improvise a new track live in the studio instead, with us doing everything ourselves in real time.

‘Race Towards Bremen on a Floridian Highway’ is a tribute to all the 80’s soundtracks we grew up with, and the unknown always growing inside us.”

Watch the video here:

The band released their impatiently awaited album, »Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough«, on June 29 via Nuclear Blast and hit the official charts in various countries. Order »Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough« here:

(Source: Nuclear Blast – News)