The legendary compilation “Death Is Just The Beginning“ is back! But there‘s more! A formidable live package featuring three bands who appear on the collection is due to hit the road under the same name. Canadian Death Metallers KATAKLYSM who have re-recorded their classic track “The Awakener“ for the release, will be joined by HYPOCRISY who have offered up a cover version of “They Lie“ (The Exploited). The package is completed by THE SPIRIT who have provided the title track from their NUCLEAR BLAST debut, “Sounds From The Vortex“.

“Death Is Just The Beginning MMXVIII“ will be released on October 19th, 2018.

NUCLEAR BLAST just released a new trailer on YouTube with a snippet of THE SPIRIT’s “Illuminate the Night Sky”. Check it out:

“The Spirit” states about the compilation:
“At the time, the “Death… Is Just The Beginning” samplers were the greatest opportunity to discover new bands. And with the VHS and DVD samplers you finally had the chance to also find the music videos of these extreme metal bands – before Youtube and other video platforms existed, this was the only possibility to get a hold of such clips. The fact that in the year 2018, THE SPIRIT can be part of this legendary sampler series, is a great honor for us.”

Pre-order the compilation here:

(Source: Nuclear Blast – News)